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Photograph of robin fountain looking at young seedings growing in glasshouse nursery at fountains plants ltd

Our Business

Fountains Plants Ltd is a leading horticultural plant raising nursery based outside Boston in Lincolnshire, founded by Roy and Thelma Fountain. The company is now run by their sons Nick and Robin from the same site since 1964.


Our passion and expertise provide commercial growers across the UK with an excellent start to crop plant life, from seed to planting module; our customers have the assurance of receiving the best possible service.

photograph of hands holding a young brassica plant seedling module showing plant roots

Brassica Plant Module Raising Specialists

We have specialised in brassicas from the beginning; this depth of knowledge and experience is to our customer's commercial advantage and has been vital in enabling us to propagate the range of plants we currently raise.

Photograph of young brassica seedling plants in trays in a commercial glasshouse at fountain plants

We grow

for you.

The UK's leading commercial brassica plant module propagators,

delivering specialist horticultural expertise to the growing industry.

photograph of man looking in laser fed seed sowing hopper of a planttape seeding machine

Revolutionising Commercial Crop Germination & Propagation

At over 45 acres of glasshouses, Fountains Plants Ltd is one of the UK's largest brassica propagation nurseries.


We are progressive within the growing industry and reinvest heavily in current technology, machinery, horticultural and agricultural advancements to exceed our customer's demands.

Photograph of fountain plants tractor pulling a trailer loaded with commercial seed planting plastic trays



Returns for

UK Growers

Currently averaging at a 96% germination rate of around 600,000,000 plants, we are continually working to improve propagation germination results every growing season to support our customers in delivering the most profitable yield for their crop.

From Humble Beginnings

Growing Expertise 

Fountains Plants Ltd. grew from humble beginnings by Roy and Thelma Fountain, whose determination, hard work, and vision were instrumental in developing the successful business we are today.


Read our story to find out more about our roots and heritage.

We Deliver a 1st Class Service for Brassica Propagation









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