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photo of plant-tape seed sowing machine at fountain plants

The way we work.

Fountain Plants Ltd are at the cutting edge of new product development, investing in research and the latest horticultural growing techniques.

photo showing thousands of young plants growing in trays on the floor of a massive commercial glasshouse in bright sunlight

Benefits of Plant-raising

The knowledge and dedication of our staff put us at the forefront of the growing industry when it comes to plant raising.

photo close up of lady operating the plant-tape seed sowing machine at fountain plants

Seed Raising State-of-the-art Automation

Fountain Plants Ltd adopts a pioneering approach to making advances within the plant-raising industry, so when it comes to technology, we work hard to improve our processes and services to ensure our operation is as efficient as possible for our UK growers.

Planttape logo
photo close up of a row of plant-tape seed growing plant module trays man out of focus in background is quality checking

The Human Touch

We’re very proud of the team we’ve built. At Fountain Plants Ltd, we combine years of experience, knowledge, hand and technology skills, and dedication to sowing, germination, and plant-raising, which helps deliver a quality horticultural growing service to provide the best start in life for the young plants our agricultural customers.

photo close up of computer controlled glasshouse irrigation booms spraying water onto young brassica plants at fountain plants

Controlled Environment

Our site uses miles of cables and computer-controlled sensors to fine-tune the glasshouse environment, help manage the growing process, and give plants the best chance of health and optimum growth. Every component plays a crucial role, from the watering system to the automatically regulated vents.

photo of director and grower robin fountain inside glasshouses checking young brassica plant seedlings with a grower

We Go That Extra Mile

We want to continue to lead the commercial plant module propagation industry as specialists in raising brassica plants from seed and as commercial producers of various quality vegetables and salad crops.


We endeavour to exceed our customer’s expectations at every stage to help them realise the highest yield possible from seed to field. Our strength is in our ability to offer personalised service and personally oversee the quality of the young plants at every step of the process.




Cutting-edge Plant Raising Systems

Technology plays a massive part in today’s plant raising, and Fountain Plants Ltd. are at the forefront of innovations. Planttape® is our newest sowing system, and Fountains are proud to be one of only four sites worldwide to have this technology.
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