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Pioneering State-of-the-art Machinery

From watering plants to washing trays there are so many jobs that are undertaken daily to ensure the smooth running of the nursery. Our team of growers walk every bay of plants each day to check their health and moisture levels, this ensures our plants are kept to the highest quality. 


We not only have to load the plants into the stillages for transport, but we also take out the empty trays once the plants have been planted in the field. Once the trays have been stacked, they are taken to the tray washer we have onsite to be washed and sterilized to make sure that the trays are kept free from any pesticides they may have picked up in the field. 


The 2023 season saw the most plants Fountains have ever produced which was around 720 million, This comprised of over 4,500 orders sent to us by our customers. All individual orders have to be sent to us by the customer and then processed and entered into our bespoke system by our wonderful admin staff. The system we use has been purpose-built for us and adapted over the years to match the ever-changing industry. 

We Are Always Consistent

Our watering regimes alter daily due to the different climates. During the summer months, plants could be watered up to 3 times a day, but during the winter, it could be as little as once a week. Our growing team walk the plants every day, checking to see how much the plants need. It’s this attention to detail that puts Fountains at the top of their game when it comes to plant raising.

woman watering plants using a hose in commercial greenhouse

We Go That Extra Step

Automatic watering gantries are used to water 99% of the plants but we still hand water the edges. We do this because the edge of the trays are more susceptible to the environmental elements in the glass houses, so during the summer the edges dry out quicker than the middle of the tray therefore we must go round and top up on the watering to make sure we get full uniformity

photo of huge water irrigation reservoir with commercial greenhouse in distance at fountains plants boston lincs uk

Sustainability At The Forefront

With 12 reservoirs now onsite, we have the capability of holding around 35 million gallons of water when they’re all full. Even in the extreme heat and dryness of the 2022 summer, we were still no-where close to being dry. 

rows of automated commercial greenhouse irrigation systems watering new brassica plants at fountains plants boston lincs

Our Daily Activities.

The sowing process is the most crucial part of the plants’ life

Other Processes

Find our more about how we work

close up of a pointed cabbage

Our Brassica Process

PlantTape commercial seed sowing machine

Our PlantTape Process

Peat hopper feeding a commercial seed planting machine




A Successful Approach

Growing on our experience

Adapting and refining our procedures and growing processes are crucial to our success. From sowing, germination, quality control, aftercare to despatch, our knowledge of the most appropriate approach for each crop contributes to giving our customers the best outcome for their seed investment.

We Expand To Help You Grow

The latest glasshouse to be erected was the biggest single greenhouse we have which is 7 acres. This took the total useable space to 45 acres which as you would agree is a lot of glass. 

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