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old black and white photograph from 1964 showing roy and thelma fountain with young child nick fountain in old glasshouse

Our roots.

Where we began. Where we are. Where we’re going. 

Our Company's Story

Fountains Plants Ltd. was started in 1964 by Roy and Thelma Fountain at a time when agricultural and horticultural work was a lot harder and more labour intensive. Seeds were sown directly by hand into the ground beneath wooden framed glasshouses and polytunnels, and all watering was carried out by hand, too, as there was no mass irrigation technology back then either.


Our site began to expand as the years passed, with more and more glasshouses built. In 1980 the horticultural market changed overnight, and farmers now wanted individual plant modules; this was a huge learning curve for all involved in the business, but in true Fountain fashion, everyone got stuck in and made it work.


Fast forward 40 years, and our company is starting to change again and have embraced a revolutionary way of growing using Planttape®. Planttape® is where we sow the seed into a tape-like media that is extremely dry previously, the biggest trays we had were capable of holding 504 plants, and now with Planttape®, we can grow 840 plants per tray, meaning more plants in a smaller area, allowing us to take on increased capacity and can deliver increased volumes to our growers.

A Family

Run Business

Our People

Experience is our greatest asset

Meet the Team. Come and see the faces of the company from the office to the glasshouse and all those in between.


The Start

old aerial photograph from 1964 showing old original wooden glasshouse at fountains plants

It all started, back in 1964, when the first glasshouses were built and fitted out, and the journey began.



The calm before the storm

old aerial photograph from 1978 showing more glasshouses built on site at fountains plants

With more and more polytunnels going up, this was the last year everything was grown in the ground.


Family business

old aerial photograph from 1997 showing glasshouses and expanding nursery at fountains plants site

1997 saw both Robin and Nick working alongside their parents, Roy and Thelma.


A growing

old aerial photograph from 2011 the large area of glasshouses and expanding nursery at fountains plants site

2011 saw the completion of what we know today as houses 1-4, taking us up to around 35 acre site.


More glass!

colour photograph from 2021 showing the latest glasshouses built at the plant raising nursery at fountains plants

2021 saw the latest glasshouse finished, has taken the total area of the site to 45 Acres.



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