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photo of operations manager at fountain plants looking at growing miscanthus plants for crop trial


Working with Aberystwyth University.

photo of close up of young healthy brassica seedlings in commercial plant trays

The crops we grow.

We are the UK's leading commercial brassica plant grower,

delivering specialist horticultural expertise your business can trust.

photo of a footstep in hard mud

Carbon Footprint

The company aims to reduce, reuse and recycle within all aspects of the business.

photo close up of a water droplet falling into a water reservoir

Recycling Resources

Water is a significant resource with massive cost implications for our sowing and nursery operation, so water is our number one recycling priority.

photo close up of top of a electric wind-farm tower

Renewable Energy

We utilise this renewable energy with 150kw of solar panels around the site.

Nursery Self


Sustainability and the impact our operations have on the local and broader environment are concerns that are central to our company strategies and working practices, and we recognise that adopting future developments and advances as they become available is crucial for continued growth at Fountain Plants Ltd.

Sowing Period

All year round.

In glass approx.

6 weeks summer

Early Sown


Early planted


photo of a green cabbage in farmers field


Sowing Period

August to May

photo of a head of broccoli in farmers field


Sowing Period

August to May

photo of a head of cauliflower in farmers field


Sowing Period

August to May

photo of three butternut squashes


Sowing Period

August to May

photo of a brussels sprouts attached to stalk in farmers field

Brussels Sprouts

Sowing Period

August to May

photo of a leeks growing in farmers field


Sowing Period

August to May

photo of cos lettuce growing in farmers field


Sowing Period

August to May

photo of pac choi growing in ground

Pac Choi

Sowing Period

August to May

photo of brown onions growing in farmers field


Sowing Period

August to May

photo of young fir tree leaves drop of water on leaf


From Seed to Field

We supply various plant plug sizes:

126, 216, 345, 504 in module trays. 840 in Planttape® for raising leeks and lettuce.

We Specialise in Brassica, we also raise other crops.

Over 50 years of experience with brassicas enables us to personalise our services and successfully fulfil each customer's growing requirements. See below the current range of plants we grow on for UK growers.

photo of bank rand freshwater reservoir at fountain plants long row of glasshouses into the distance

Glasshouse & Irrigation


Continued expansion of our glasshouse planting capacity led us to create 12 individual freshwater irrigation reservoirs around the site; together with our computer-controlled irrigation system, these are among the best and most cost-effective investments made over the years.

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