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photo close up of young leek seedling plant trays growing in glasshouses after sown by planttape machine

Leading the Field

With over 50 years of experience behind us in the brassica horticulture sector and our growers having combined knowledge of more than 100 years, we have a superb team whose performance sets us apart, as reflected in the quality and delivery of the plants raised.

drone photo looking down on fountain plants glasshouses and site at sunset

New Opportunies

As the markets change, we intend to continue to be significant leaders in the plant raising and growing industry, embracing change, constantly challenging ourselves, and improving, evolving, and refining our services and approaches year on year.


We intend to explore working in partnership with various companies and institutions to further plant research and be central in assisting in developing new and exciting plant varieties.

photo showing a long line of commercial solar panels in front of glasshouses at fountains plants

The future.

Pioneering strategies and commercial developments will keep us at the forefront as leaders in the plant raising industry.

photo inside building new commercial crop planting glasshouses being constructed

Controlled Growth

We plan to continue expanding our glasshouse capacity at a pace where the quality of our service is maintained and our customer demands are exceeded. With this plan comes additional challenges, such as constructing new infrastructure, glass, water reservoirs and increased staffing. 

photo close up of lady operating computerised control console of plant-tape seed sowing machine at fountain plants


Reinvestment is one of the most effective plans of any progressive business. At Fountains Plants Ltd., we will continue to grow and fully embrace the latest technology, sowing advancements, and horticultural plant raising techniques to enhance our efficiency and site capacity further to continue delivering the highest quality and yield of plants our customers deserve.

Our Vision

Outstanding Growing Partners

We are proud of our long-term partnerships serving growers, farmers, agricultural customers and horticultural research facilities across the UK. We are always happy to discuss your needs or future needs from seed to field; we deliver a first-class plant raising service. For more details and information on your growing requirements, contact us today.

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